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2011 ITL Research Findings and Implications
2011 ITL Research Findings
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This report provides the analysis of findings from SRI International of the 2011 study across 7 participating countries.

Icon Estudio-ITL-2011-Hallazgos-e-implicaciones Estudio ITL 2011 Hallazgos e implicaciones
Icon ITL Findings 2011 - Russian

Russian translation of main “ITL Findings 2011” report.

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SITES 2011 Symposium
Publications and Conferences
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Papers from the SITES 2011 Symposium

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Michael Fullan’s new paper “Whole System Reform for Innovative Teaching and Learning”
2011 ITL Research Findings
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In this new whitepaper from Michael Fullan, he describes how ITL Research can help those seeking to dramatically advance teaching and learning in their education systems.

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Presentations from the Launch of 2011 ITL Research Findings
2011 ITL Research Findings
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ITL Research Phase II Design Document
2012 ITL Phase II
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ITL is moving to Phase II. Phase II will leverage tools designed for the analysis of Learning Activities and Student Work, or LASW, to support practice improvement. This method offers detailed definitions and rubrics that help teachers identify how strongly the assignments they give provide opportunities for students to develop and use 21st century skills, and how strongly those skills are demonstrated in the work that students do in response.

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