This project is guided by a team of international advisors associated with leading organizations and research projects on education transformation.

ITL Research Advisors and Experts
Organization Advisor/Expert
OECD Dirk Van Damme
UNESCO Francesc Pedro
Tarek Shawki
European School Net Patricia Wastiau
IEA Dr Seamus Hegarty
ISTE Lynn Nolan
Leslie Connery
University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education David Dwyer
Kozmalone Consulting Robert Kozma
ACER Hamish Coates
Geoff Scott
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto Michael Fullan
South African Qualifications Authority Paul West
St. Patrick’s College, Ireland Deirdre Butler
Yankahlink Advisors, Ghana Erik Yankah
St. Andrew's Junior College, Singapore Bee Yann Lee
Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management Jenny Lewis
Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE), University of Hong Kong Nancy Law
MIT Media Lab Leo Burd
Microsoft Greg Butler
Kati Tuurala
Michael McMann